The Meaning of Golden Medal英语作文


The Meaning of Golden Medal英语作文

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  It is known to all that olympic games holds every four years, so it is the greatest stage for the players. They work so hard to stand in the highest place and win the golden medal. A golden medal means fame and money, even the glory of a country. Golden medal is important, but the spirit of the sports will not defined by it.

  Everybody cares about the golden medal. For the audience, they count the number of the golden medal and hope their countries will rank the good place, so that they will feel proud of their countries. For the players, they need the golden medal to prove themselves. They have practised so hard and a golden medal is the best result. They can fight for their motherlands and it is wonderful to bring honor.

  But competition is cruel, so many athletes join and only one can stand on the top. Golden medal is of great importance, while the spirit of competition is above all. A athlete should not be denied by not winning the first place. Enjoying the competition and do the best are the right attitude.


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